New pumps for the polishing process at NGI A/S

Sustainability Initiatives

In April 2022, NGI invested in a new type of pump for the water recycling process used in the polishing and grinding processes of the machine shoe models M and H.

The old construction water process was worn out and the lack of spare parts made it clear that a complete replacement had to be made.

In collaboration with the company Anmasi and the company PN-el service, a new type of pump was developed.

The old setup was controlled by compressed air, which meant that it had high energy consumption. The new setup is 100% electric and has a significantly lower energy consumption, making a notable difference in annual CO2 emissions.

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Before & After - Co2 emission
  Before After
Annual Energy Consumption (mWh) 33 2
Annual Co2 Emissions (tons) 5 0


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At NGI we have always taken CSR seriously. We have done this - and are doing this - because we simply believe that accountability and responsibility are keywords behind every well-functioning company. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions regarding sustainability at NGI!

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