Certified hygienic leveling feet

The only leveling feet in the world hygienically certified by 3-A, EHEDG and USDA standards for use in sanitary production environments. Self-draining surfaces, sealed movable parts and no exposed thread secures absolute minimum cleaning and maximum sanitary safety.

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Fully threaded leveling feet

The product group of fully-threaded leveling feet is the optimal choice for machinery and equipment in diverse production environments. Because of the wide variety and functionality these fully-threaded leveling feet offer great value-for-money and for the majority of the models a hygienic-oriented design because of the self-draining surfaces.

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Seismic leveling feet

The only hygienic seismic leveling feet in the world designed and calculated according to the international new zealand seismic standard. Self-draining surfaces, sealed movable parts and no exposed thread secures absolute minimum cleaning and maximum product safety..

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Weighing leveling feet

The only hygienic weighing leveling feet in the world with build in standard weighing cell secured, guided and protected inside the feet. Self-draining surfaces, sealed movable parts and no exposed thread secures absolute minimum cleaning and maximum product safety.

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All NGI products are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Our lead time throughout Europe is just 3-4 days. Feel free to call us for non-binding advice regarding your specific product.

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High-quality Leveling Feet in Stainless Steel: Certified Hygienic to Fully-Threaded in plastic as well as seismic and weighing options!

We offer a comprehensive selection of leveling feet in both stainless steel and plastic materials. Our products are designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, ensuring stability and precision in every project. Whether you require certified hygienic stainless steel leveling feet or fully-threaded plastic leveling feet, our range has the perfect solution to fulfill your leveling requirements.

We can also supply seismic leveling feet! These play a crucial role in maintaining the stability and safety of equipment and structures located in regions susceptible to seismic activity.

Another variant is our weighing leveling feet. These feet are specialized and designed to provide stability, precision, and accurate measurements in weighing applications. These feet are essential for maintaining the integrity and performance of weighing equipment, ensuring reliable and consistent results.

Explore our range of leveling feet product categories and discover a brief overview below:


Certified Hygienic Leveling Feet

Our top-quality hygienic stainless steel leveling feet are certified and designed to meet the strictest standards of cleanliness and durability.

These feet are specifically crafted for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors where hygiene is of utmost importance. Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, these leveling feet are resistant to corrosion, effortless to clean, and built to withstand rigorous cleaning agents. With their sturdy construction, they guarantee long-lasting performance and reliability, making them a cost-efficient option for ensuring optimal equipment functionality.


Fully-Threaded Leveling Feet

We have a wide range of fully-threaded leveling feet available, including our range of standard, solid, and plastic fully-threaded leveling feet:

  • Our stainless steel fully-threaded leveling feet are perfect for machinery and equipment in medium-weight production environments. They offer great value for money and many models have a hygienic-oriented design with self-draining surfaces.
  • For heavy machinery and equipment in diverse production environments, our solid fully-threaded levelling feet are the optimal choice. They provide a heavyweight solution while maintaining high levels of strength and durability.
  • If you're looking for lightweight load-bearing capacity, our plastic leveling feet are designed to meet your needs. They are a cost-effective solution for use in various industries, including manufacturing, electronics, and furniture.

All of our fully-threaded leveling feet are designed for easy adjustment and stability, ensuring quick and hassle-free installation.


Seismic Leveling feet

Our seismic leveling foot has undergone extensive development and testing using the Finite Element Method (FEA). It has been specifically designed to comply with the governmental regulations of California and New Zealand (NZS 4219:2009), ensuring its ability to withstand earthquakes.

We offer two different versions of our seismic leveling foot to cater to different needs. The hygienic version comes with a sleeve and is designed in accordance with the 3-A and EHEDG hygienic standards. It is also certified in accordance with USDA hygienic standards, guaranteeing its suitability for use in hygienic environments.

Our seismic leveling feet and total seismic stability are ensured through bolted fastening and a patented locking mechanism. Specifically designed for this purpose, these specialized feet are crafted to offer a stable and level base that can withstand the dynamic forces experienced during an earthquake.


Weighing leveling feet

Our weighing leveling feet are indispensable for achieving accurate and reliable measurements in various weighing applications. By providing a stable and level foundation, they enhance the precision, consistency, and safety of weighing equipment.

Investing in high-quality weighing leveling feet ensures compliance with regulatory standards and supports effective quality control processes, ultimately contributing to operational efficiency and product integrity.

Hygienic leveling feet 

Our previous website featured a product category called hygienic leveling feet, which was the earlier version of our certified hygienic leveling feet.

With the recent website update, we have chosen to discontinue these items, making them unavailable for online purchase. Nevertheless, customers who have previously bought these feet from us can still acquire them by reaching out to our sales department or logging into our webshop.

Below is an overview of the previous product categories along with our recommended alternative leveling feet and the ones that have replaced the former groups:


  • Our certified hygienic XH and XH-FIX leveling feet have replaced our H US and M US leveling feet. Upon comparing the XH feet to the previous H US and M US, you will notice enhancements in both design and functionality, such as much increased weight capacity and a more sanitary sleeve. Discover the XH feet here!

  • The XHG and XHJ leveling feet, which are certified and hygienic, have replaced our HG US and HJ US leveling feet. When you compare the XHG and XHJ feet to the previous HG US and HJ US, you will also observe advancements in design and functionality such as weight load and vulcanized rubber. Explore the XHG and XHJ leveling feet today!

  • Our certified hygienic XHT leveling feet have replaced our HT US, HGT US, and HJT-US leveling feet. When comparing the XHT feet to the previous HT US, HGT US, and HJT-US models, the new models are improved in both design and functionality, including a more hygienic sleeve that enhances equipment quality. The footplate and spindle are two separate components. Explore our XHT feet here!

Explore our certified hygienic leveling feet to discover more about the different characteristics and designs. All previously mentioned models, namely XH, XH-FIX, XHG, XHJ, and XHT, have obtained the 3-A certification. This certification assures you of receiving top-notch leveling feet that meet the high standards set by 3-A and contribute to improving food safety in the food processing industry.

In contrast to our previous editions, you will therefore receive higher quality with enhanced features and performance, ultimately enhancing the quality and food safety of your equipment and machinery.

Certified Hygienic Leveling Feet

Leveling feet applications

Leveling feet can be used in many different industries for a wide variety of different applications. The purpose of leveling feet is somewhat the same, although there can be a multitude of reasons to use leveling feet for your machinery or equipment.

Industrial leveling feet are mostly used for heavy machinery, that needs to be completely level to function properly and securely. Machinery with heavy vibrations and strong forces may be damaged by improper alignment, making leveling feet pivotal in safe and long-lasting machine operation.

Proper alignment of equipment with leveling feet also decreases operation costs, as the equipment or machine needs less repairs or maintenance due to fewer stress-induced damages or issues, and it will also inhibit or eliminate the risk of screws or joints loosening, which otherwise would require regular checkups and maintenance.

Stainless-steel leveling feet are especially useful in environments with strict hygienic requirements such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries. When handling groceries, medicine, or other products that needs to be carefully handled without risk of contamination, stainless steel leveling feet are ideal, as they are easily washed and sanitized. We have incorporated hygiene as a central component of our designs, which makes cleaning and sanitizing the leveling feet a breeze.


How does our leveling feet work, and how do you use them?

Leveling feet are used for leveling equipment and machinery. You use the leveling feet by screwing them into the base of the machinery or equipment, after which they can be adjusted incrementally to level the object in question. After being adjusted, the leveling feet can keep the object level without additional adjustments. The leveling can have several different additional functions such as load-measurement and anti-vibration.

If you want to know more about our different types of leveling feet, you can browse our categories above, and if you require additional information, please feel free to contact us.


Adjustable leveling feet at a reasonable price

Quality does not have to be expensive. At NGI we can deliver leveling feet at a price point that is competitive without cutting corners in the production. If you want to know the price for your leveling feet, you are always free to contact one of our sales representatives.

We have a huge selection of leveling feet, ranging from different sizes (small to large), materials (plastic to steel), and configurations and types (weight-system, heavy-duty, etc.), so that we can always tailor the right solution that fits your needs perfectly. In the rare circumstance, that you need a custom solution, we are ready to help you as well.

Why Choose Us?

No leveling project is impossible for us. Our extensive range of leveling feet ensures that we have the right product for every application. We offer high-quality products that meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations. Our expert team is always ready to assist you in selecting the best leveling feet for your specific needs, providing guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Whether you require certified hygienic stainless steel leveling feet for stringent sanitary conditions or plastic fully-threaded leveling feet for versatile and budget-friendly applications, we have you covered. Trust us with all your leveling solutions and experience unmatched quality and service.


What can you expect?

When doing business with NGI, you can expect a serious business partner, who not only offers quality leveling feet solutions now, but who is also actively investing in new leveling feet technology, that can benefit you in the future. By choosing NGI as your partner, you are therefore actively choosing innovation, technology, and progress.

We offer 1-4 days worldwide shipping in the US and up to 6 days delivery globally, so if you need leveling feet quickly, we can deliver. More importantly, you can expect a 28% boost in resource savings with NGI leveling feet, as cleaning becomes less resource-intensive. 15% of our turnover is reinvested in research and development, making sure that we are at the forefront of technological development in our sector.

You can also expect to receive quality support and treatment as a customer. We have more than 5.500+ active customers around the world, which is a testament to our uniquely quality-driven approach, where we seek to deliver the highest quality leveling feet while simultaneously prioritizing proper and professional treatment of all our clients.


How do you install leveling feet?

Our leveling feet (also referred to as a leveling mount or leveling pads) can be found in many different sizes, each with their own spindle diameter. Therefore, the process of installing our leveling feet can vary depending on the product in question.

The process is, however, quite simple, as all the leveling feet have threaded spindles in varying lengths that are screwed into the base of the machinery or equipment.

We offer both fully threaded leveling feet, that are threaded from the tip to the base of the spindle. Our certified hygienic leveling feet, however, are only threaded partially at the top of the spindle, allowing the leveling foot to be fully screwed into the machine or equipment. This is important, as the threaded part of the leveling foot is the most difficult to clean. Therefore, preventing the threaded part of the spindle to be accessible to the outside, protects the treaded part from contaminants, making the leveling feet much easier to clean and sanitize.

For more information about our products and to explore our full range of leveling feet, visit the product pages or contact us today. Let us help you achieve perfect balance and stability in every project!