Why choose a certified component?

It is crucial to utilize approved components in food processing machinery to guarantee food safety, adhere to regulations, maintain product quality, and uphold the reputation of food establishments. For further details, please refer below and reach out to us for additional information.

With certified components, you can:

  • Minimize cleaning time
  • Minimize usage of cleaning detergents and water
  • Minimize downtime
  • Enhance food safety
  • Enhance safety in your production environment
  • Make sure you comply with strict hygiene and environmental demands
  • Enhance your competitive performance
  • Contribute to your environmental profile


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Task Force Bacteria

We improve the competitiveness of our customers:

  • Systematic data collection via the washing test program
  • Taking responsibility for the development of new standards in the industry
  • Optimizing the technologies, materials and processes used
  • Documenting the effect of improvements
  • We contribute to our customers' environmental profile

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What requirements do our components live up to?

  • EHEDG Certification
  • USDA Certification
  • 3-A Certification
  • The EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group) has been supporting hygiene measures during the production and packaging of food since 1989 and is a foundation of food-related organizations.


    The main task of EHEDG is to contribute to hygienic engineering and design in all areas of food production and thus to ensure the safe production of food. The EHEDG certifies hygienic components only if they satisfy theoretical approaches on the one hand and practical tests on the other. The EHEDG certificate is mainly recognized in Europe.

  • A high focus on hygienic design ensures that the bearing house can be cleaned behind and around the shaft and furthermore, NGI offers hygienic spacers to increase the distance to machines and equipment to over an inch as recommended by the USDA.


    Sum up of requirements for the USDA certification:

    - 1 inch  (25mm) minimum space
    - Material food approved
    - Roughness maximum 1.6 Ra we are at 0.8 Ra
    - Radii minimum 3.2 mm

  • 3-A SSI is a US-based, non-profit organization dedicated to improving hygiene design in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The standards set are intended to ensure product quality and thus protect the health of the end user. The principles and certificates are therefore recognized by many countries and food manufacturers.


    For the certification of hygienic parts, the evaluation is based on design features, so that, for example in a pipe, small angles or small radii should be avoided. This is to ensure the protection of consumer goods from contamination, a simple possibility for cleaning surfaces, and easy disassembly for cleaning purposes.

Test by the Danish Technological University: Certified Hygienic Leveling feet versus fully-threaded leveling feet

Our certified hygienic leveling feet have been tested against fully-threaded leveling feet by the Danish Technological University - Center of Hygienic Design and comprised with Ecolab cleaning instructions.

These tests highlight the significant savings in resources and the enhanced food safety our certified hygienic leveling feet provide compared to fully-threaded leveling feet. Watch the short video below!

Estimated savings 28%

Benefits of a hygienic foot

  • The spindle is covered by a sleeve and has no exposed thread

  • Hygienic sealing rings

  • Self-draining surfaces

  • Low surface roughness

Cleaning according to Ecolab specification

  • The hygienic foot and fully-threaded foot are similarly soiled in sour yogurt containing fluorescents


Cleaning process:
- Rinse with water
- Distribute cleaning detergents
- Rinse with water until visibly clean


Visible results after the cleaning process

  • The fully-threaded foot looks clean to the human eye even though it is not clean
  • Unfortunately, this is a standard procedure and accepted as a satisfactory cleaning result
  • A lot of bacteria stick to the exposed thread on the fully-threaded foot

UV lighting used to expose bacteria

  • The certified hygienic levelling foot is clean
  • The spindle on the fully-threaded levelling foot is contaminated with bacteria
  • Fully-threaded vs. hygienic: It takes 28% more resources to reach the same level of cleanliness on a fully- threaded foot
  • Resources could be time, water, detergents, etc.


The green color indicates the invisible bacteria

The hygienic design contributes to reducing the emission of water and detergents in the cleaning process thus reducing the environmental impact

Calculate your savings by using hygienic versus fully-threaded feet
Data for calculation

Adjust the values according to your own data

0 days
Pay-off time


International Labor Comparisons

International industrial energy prices


Calculations are based on a 20% reduction in cleaning time

* Note: The test results are based upon machine feet with a M24 thread adjusted to maximum heights.


Annual water consumption reduced by
0 L
Environment benefit title

The ROI-calculator will quickly and automatically illustrate your company-specific savings from investing in certified hygienic leveling feet. It takes 28% more resources to reach the same level of cleanability on a fully-threaded foot compared to a certified hygienic foot, which means significant savings in both water, cleaning detergents, and time.

Using hygienic components for food processing equipment is crucial for several reasons:


  • Food Safety: Certified components are designed to meet stringent food safety standards, minimizing the risk of contamination. Contaminants such as bacteria, mold, or foreign particles can compromise the safety of food products, leading to health hazards for consumers.


  • Prevention of Cross-Contamination: Our certified components are easy to clean and disinfect. Proper cleaning and sanitation procedures prevent cross-contamination between different food products or batches, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses.
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Our products and know-how only become valuable when they solve challenges for you, your suppliers and partners. Therefore we invite all professionals who work with hygienic optimization of machines and processes for dialogue and knowledge sharing

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