Certified Hygienic
leveling feet

All process industries are subject to increasing regulatory requirements, which increases the focus on resource consumption, product safety, and official hygienic certifications.

The 3-A, USDA, and EHEDG-certified leveling feet reduce water consumption and cleaning resources in addition to minimizing the risk of contamination in the production. Choosing NGI’s certified leveling feet will hygienically enhance your machinery and your customers
Return-On-Investment (ROI).

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Certified Hygienic industrial machine levelling feet - designed to meet the strictest standards of cleanliness and durability

Certified Hygienic leveling feet - a summary of groups and features

Our top-quality hygienic industrial machine leveling feet are certified and designed to meet the strictest standards of cleanliness and durability. They are ideal for industries such as food processing where hygiene is of utmost importance.

Constructed from stainless steel, these leveling feet are corrosion-resistant, effortless to clean, and built to withstand rigorous cleaning agents.

Furthermore, you can look forward to a 28% decrease in cleaning expenses with NGI hygienic adjustable feet compared to fully threaded leveling feet, as cleaning becomes less resource-intensive (time, water, detergents etc.).

Our hygienic machine feet and their sturdy construction guarantee long-lasting performance and reliability, making them a cost-efficient option for ensuring optimal equipment functionality.


  • Material and Sizes: Our hygienic leveling feet are available in foot diameter sizes ranging from 65mm to 150mm. All feet can be made in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel and are equipped with vulcanized FDA-approved rubber to prevent slippage and reduce vibration transmission.
    Rubbers are available in black, blue, and white NBR and black EPDM.


  • Construction Details: All feet are made from high-quality stainless steel, utilizing a formed stainless-steel plate with vulcanized rubber on the underside, providing corrosion resistance and longevity. These feet have excellent vibration-damping properties


  • Ease of Installation: Designed for easy adjustment and stability, our leveling feet ensure a straightforward installation process.

Expand the following paragraph to discover a precise overview of each of our product categories along with direct access to them.

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  • 3-A, EHEDG, USDA-certified
  • Minimized cleaning time
  • Minimized water usage
  • The only leveling feet in the world hygienically certified by 3-A, EHEDG, and USDA standards for use in sanitary production environments.

  • Self-draining surfaces, sealed movable parts and no exposed thread secures absolute minimum cleaning and maximum sanitary safety.

  • It takes 28% more resources to reach the same level of cleanliness on a fully-threaded foot

Why choose a certified hygienic leveling foot?


Ensure that the component you use is hygienically designed by choosing a component with a 3A, EHEDG or USDA certificate

Food Safety

Professional stakeholders in the food industry are increasingly demanding risk documentation and quality control of foodstuffs. 

High ROI

It takes 28% more resources to reach the same level of clenliness on a fully-threaded foot compared to a hygienic foot without exposed thread

The sustainable solution

A certified hygienic leveling foot reduces cleaning frequency, cleaning time, water usage, waste water costs, and electricity costs.

Calculate your savings by using our certified hygienic leveling feet. Try our new:

ROI calculator

Certified Hygienic
Leveling feet

  • USDA certification “Dairy” and “NSF/ANIS/3-A 14159-1-2014”
  • Official hygienic certificates included in every shipment
  • Self-draining surfaces and safety against exposed thread secure absolute minimum cleaning
  • Low-friction washer between spindle and footplate ensures easy adjustment
  • All movable parts are 100% hygienically sealed even if the load on the foot is removed
  • Vulcanized FDA-approved, anti-vibration, anti-slip rubber blocks out bacteria underneath the footplate
  • Stainless steel AISI 304/A2, 1.4301. Optional AISI 316/A4, 1.4401
  • More than 1.000 different variations available (weight load, height adjustment, flexible mounting parts)
  • All sealings are blue and therefore detectable by scanning systems
  • Design and patent protected 

Test by the Danish Technological University: Certified Hygienic Leveling feet versus fully-threaded leveling feet

Our certified hygienic leveling feet have been tested against fully-threaded leveling feet by the Danish Technological University - Center of Hygienic Design and comprised with Ecolab cleaning instructions.

These tests highlight the significant savings in resources and the enhanced food safety our certified hygienic leveling feet provide compared to fully-threaded leveling feet. Watch the short video below!

The hygienic design contributes to reducing the emission of water and detergents in the cleaning process thus reducing the environmental impact

Calculate your savings by using hygienic versus fully-threaded feet
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International Labor Comparisons

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Calculations are based on a 20% reduction in cleaning time

* Note: The test results are based upon machine feet with a M24 thread adjusted to maximum heights.


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The ROI-calculator will quickly and automatically illustrate your company-specific savings from investing in certified hygienic leveling feet. It takes 28% more resources to reach the same level of cleanability on a fully-threaded foot compared to a certified hygienic foot, which means significant savings in both water, cleaning detergents, and time.

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All NGI products are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Our lead time throughout Europe is just 3-4 days. Feel free to call us for non-binding advice regarding your specific product.

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Certified hygienic seismic leveling feet

If you are searching for our model XHJSE, you are searching for a seismic version. We have more versions and types of our seismic XHJSE leveling feet. You can find them all here


Certified hygienic weighing leveling feet

If you are searching for our model XHJW, XHSW, XHTW, XHW you are searching for a weighing version. We have more versions and types of our weighing leveling feet. You can find them all here!


If you have difficulty choosing the appropriate leveling feet for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. With half a century of expertise in providing leveling systems, we are fully equipped to support you!

Innovative & patented hygienic design

We always strive for the highest standard of excellence in our product development. In cooperation with brand owners or other suppliers of e.g. industrial floors, detergents, cleaning, and consultants we perform on-site tests in real production environments. This means that every time we introduce a product to the market, we conduct tests with customers and also with technological test centers.


Engaging in business with NGI

When engaging in business with us, you can anticipate a reliable business partner who not only provides leveling feet for food processing! We are dedicated to investing in new leveling feet technology that can bring advantages in the future. By selecting NGI as your partner, you are choosing innovation, technology, and advancement.

We guarantee 1-6 days of worldwide shipping globally, ensuring prompt delivery of industrial leveling feet when needed urgently.

A significant 15% of our revenue is reinvested in research and development, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements in our industry.

Expect to receive exceptional support and service as a customer. With over 5,500 active customers worldwide, we demonstrate our commitment to a quality-driven approach, delivering top-quality industrial adjustable feet while prioritizing the needs of our customers!

Contact us, if you have questions regarding sizes, types, prices, or delivery times - you can expect a prompt response!