Food Factory Assessment – How it's Done and What to Look For? 

In this episode, we learn how you can benefit from hygienic factory assessments in your food production.

Our special guest, Dr. Thomas Buehler from Ecolab, shares his expert knowledge on identifying and reducing hidden dangers in food production environments.

”If you are not producing the right quality, if your specs are not met, then you're losing productivity. So the need for quality and hygienic assessments have to be understood. Also at the management level."

Dr. Thomas Buehler Technical Excellence Specialist at Ecolab Europe

In this episode of Behind Clean Lines, we invite you on a trip - a trip around your food factory accompanied by your hygienic assessment committee.

Or at least, we pretend.

Today, we’re joined by Dr. Thomas Buehler from Ecolab, who will guide us through the different caveats, pitfalls, and hidden dangers in keeping your processing plan hygienic, and we’ll look at what initiatives you can set in motion to alleviate the risk from microbes, bacteria, and other contaminants.

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Full Episode Transcription

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