Behind Clean Lines: Episode 9

New episode: Food Factory Assessment – How it's Done and What to Look For? 

Behind Clean Lines is your go-to podcast for insights into hygienic manufacturing, innovation, and design. You'll find expert knowledge on the design process, the strategic drivers, and the mindset it takes to push innovation in manufacturing for food and beverage industries forward.

We're excited to bring you our latest episode of Behind Clean Lines: "Food Factory Assessment – How it's Done and What to Look For?".

In this episode, we learn how you can benefit from hygienic factory assessments in your food production.

Our special guest, Dr. Thomas Buehler from Ecolab, shares his expert knowledge on identifying and reducing hidden dangers in food production environments.


Key Highlights: 

  • Understanding the focus areas of a production plant assessment.

  • How hygienic assessments improve quality and profitability.

  • The differences in assessing open vs. closed systems.

  • Engaging large teams in maintaining food safety standards.


Buehler's expertise provides invaluable guidance on how to conduct thorough assessments, prioritize issues based on risk, and implement effective food safety practices.

Don't miss out on this important discussion! Hit play and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of hygienic design - listen now:Behind Clean lines - episode 9