Transforming from stainless steel supplier to a value-adding partner in hygienic design.

NGI was founded back in 1972, as Nordjysk Gummi Industri by manufacturer and engineer Knud Nygaard. The company manufactured rubber and metal compounds - especially in stainless steel, which was used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. 

Today, NGI is much more than a supplier of stainless steel components. We believe that delivering high quality products on time is not sufficient to be successful. We want to build collaborative relationships with our customers with the authentic intention of creating real value.

The logo DNA

The NGI logo is not just a logo. Every detail is meticulously designed to represent our history and DNA.

Hygiene is at the heart of everything we do and everything we believe in. This is represented by the clear, blue color of our logo and the circle shape.

Our new logo also entails a square shape representing the data-driven and digital organization that NGI has grown to be. We systematically collect data that can be vital to large organizations. This data allows sites to learn from each other and standardize across the organization.

The line between the circle and square represents connectivity, partnerships and the strong relations we take pride in building with our customers.

The monogram of the logo has come to live to portray the dynamic and digital nature of NGI. 

The NGI Mission

Every progress starts with a wise decision.
We want to enable and inspire our customers to make well-thought-out and wise decisions... on all levels.

At NGI we help our customers:

  • Minimize the risk of cross-contamination in production environments
  • Minimize the use of water and cleaning detergents
  • Increase sustainability and future-proofing production plants


Read more about our sustainability policies

Let’s innovate together

Our products and know-how only become valuable when they solve challenges for you, your suppliers and partners. Therefore we invite all professionals who work with hygienic optimization of machines and processes for dialogue and knowledge sharing

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We are here to help

All NGI products are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Our lead time throughout Europe is just 3-4 days. Feel free to call us for non-binding advice regarding your specific product.

Jacob Trolldenier
Jacob Trolldenier

Scandinavia UK & Ireland

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Anders Kjær
Anders Kjær
Sales & Team leader

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Lee Morrison
Lee Morrison
Sales - locally

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Nicolaj Claesen Mathiesen
Nicolaj Claesen Mathiesen
Sales & Team leader

Benelux, Spain & Portugal

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Oleksandr Gerasymovych
Oleksandr Gerasymovych
Business Team Manager & Sales

Eastern Europe

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M: +45 30 95 81 93


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