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We know that high-quality products are necessary but not enough if you want to create a strong, hygienic chain.

There is never a single person who can take responsibility for the hygienic standard at any given production plant. The level of hygiene is always the product of a large number of decisions within finance, HR/Education, process optimization, procurement CSR and not least management.

We'll arrange a hygienic innovation day at your organization and facilitate inspirational knowledge-sharing across organizational departments.


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Hygienic components and solutions are at the heart of everything we do and everything we believe in.

What makes us the ideal choice for collaboration?


  • Consultancy and development of customized levelling solutions and hygienic components
  • Product development, technical specifications, and documentation
  • In the lead via patents, design protections, and certifications
  • Hygienic product optimization
  • ROI calculations for hygienic design
  • No project is impossible for NGI
  • We annually invest more than 15% of our profit in R&D


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Latest Product Innovations

Hygienically optimized castors

  • Increase food safety.
  • Reduce water, chemicals and energy consumption
  • Prevent contamination and microbial growth
  • Designed with a one-sided fork housing allowing easy access for cleaning from all angles 
  • Plug&Play installation
  • Self-draining surfaces, completely sealed movable parts

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Hygienically optimized accessories

  • Increase food safety.
  • Reduce water, chemicals, and energy consumption
  • Prevent contamination and microbial growth
  • Minimizes cleaning time
  • Plug&Play installation
  • Surfaces with maximal roughness of 0,8 μm Ra

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Certified hygienic CIP Unit

  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Reduced chemical and water consumption
  • Minimal wear and tear on conveyor belt surfaces by minimizing manual cleaning
  • Low maintenance and service requirements
  • Improved work environment
  • Easy to install with flexible mounting

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Certified hygienic bearing houses

  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Extend the life of your bearings by 4-8 times
  • Save up to 60 % on bearing-related costs
  • Complete hygienic design - the only bearing house in the world that is USDA, EHEDG, 3-A and IP69K-certified
  • Reduce dirt and bacteria and increase food safety
  • Lubrication-free saving both resources and enhancing safety in your production facility

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The chain is as strong as the weakest link

Hygienic Design is not just a matter of choosing certified hygienic components, although it can of course help to raise the general level of hygiene in your production.

The chain never gets stronger than the weakest link. Therefore, your entire production environment and your production line must be assessed!

Let’s innovate together

Our products and know-how only become valuable when they solve challenges for you, your suppliers and partners. Therefore we invite all professionals who work with hygienic optimization of machines and processes for dialogue and knowledge sharing

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