Optimize efficiency and food safety with synchronous oil-free drum motors

Increase reliability, reduce operating costs, and simplify integration, while guaranteeing higher food safety!

One of the major advantages of our drum motors is the technology itself, as a synchronous motor is used. Our synchronous conveyor drum motor runs completely without oil, guaranteeing higher food safety.

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Name change:
From Momentum Technologies to NGI

In 2022, Momentum Technologies became a part of NGI, a great match between two companies with a strong focus on developing and delivering innovative solutions to the growing needs of customers globally through in-depth experience and knowledge network.

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Watch video explaining our synchronous drum motors

The video explains how they can help improve the food safety, hygiene, and efficiency of your equipment and machines.

Calculate your savings by using our synchronous oil-free drum motors. Try our new:

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Drum motor features

  • Completely oil-free

    Completely oil-free as they do not generate heat and we use only food-grade grease in rotating parts

  • Low energy consumption

    Low energy uptake due to high efficiencies

  • Max. torque at all speeds

    Nominal torque at all speeds from 1...150Hz

  • Low energy losses

    Low energy loss as there is no slip in the stator

  • Standardization through multi-speed dimensioning

    Possibility to standardize on a few drum motors, as we can cope with very large speed ranges

Advantages of a synchronous drum motor

Lower energy consumption

Our synchronous drum motors have a higher efficiency as they have no slip. Our drum motor delivers 5.7 times the work at the same consumption rate!

Oil free minimizing the risk of oil leaks

Our synchronous drum motors do not require oil. Oil contamination of conveyed food is therefore impossible – a perfect match for the food industry

Higher motor efficiency and thus less power loss

Our synchronous drum motors offer the highest electrical efficiencies currently available and are extremely economical. This increases performance and reduces energy costs

Enhanced Food Safety

Our synchronous drum motors are completely oil-free and as you do not risk any oil leaks, you enhance your food safety. It is as simple as that. 

Calculate your savings by using our synchronous drum motors
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Sustainability - the NGI Way

Besides the economic savings of using our drum motors, the increase in energy efficiency means a more sustainable energy policy. High power losses are a huge liability to the environment.

Asynchronous versus synchronous Drum Motor

A conventional asynchronous drum motor creates heat causing higher power losses when in use. High power losses are both an economic disadvantage for the end-user as well as a liability to the environment.

Our synchronous motors do not require oil to cool down due to low heat exchange from the motor and are thus the economic and sustainable choice!

Download some of our material and documentation or contact our sales department to learn more!

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Technical configuration

Are you planning a new machine or conveyor system?

Do you have very specific demands regarding motor dimensions, transmission systems, wiring, or shafts?

Then ask for our technical department. We will gladly develop a suitable technical configuration for you!

We’ll guide you through!

Let us help find and implement the right model! At NGI modern technology is combined with long-term reliability and a passion for service that is highly valued by customers. Design your next generation of conveyor systems with our drum motors.

We will help you to be an innovator in your industry!

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