Our Philosophy

Welcome to our Philosophy page! Here, you can learn about our core values and commitments as a leading component supplier in the food processing industry.

We prioritize exceptional hygiene standards, ensuring the safety and quality of every product. Our dedication to compatibility guarantees seamless integration with your existing systems, while our focus on flexibility means we can adapt to your unique needs. Discover how our philosophy drives our mission to support and enhance your operations with the highest standards of excellence.

Hygiene philosophy

NGI is the company-specialist when it comes to industrial hygienic components for machines and equipment used in the food, dairy, brewery and pharmaceutical industries. Basically, applications with the strictest requirements for hygiene and cleaning.

Our innovative and patented solutions are specifically designed to comply with the strictest demands for clean and hygienic production environments and are certified according to the 3A hygiene standard 88-00 and the EHEDG hygiene standard TYPE EL-CLASS 1.

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Compatibility philosophy

Machine feet, bearing houses and castors are one of the most important supplementary components for machinery and equipment.

We always strive for the highest standard of excellence in our product development, focusing not only on the fundamental requirements such as stability under load, vibration absorption capacity and the ability to fix the foot onto the floor - but also on the importance of sealing moveable parts, adjustability without exposing the threads, absence of unnecessary corners and edges, and the best possible design for facilitating cleaning.

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Flexibility philosophy

As a customer you can enjoy the advantage of receiving every type of machine foot from a single source. If your requirements are not fulfilled by our standard solutions, our engineers are able to create customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

An excellent warehouse management system assures you the best possible terms of delivery. Same-day shipment is the norm for our standard levelling feet.


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Let’s innovate together

Our products and know-how only become valuable when they solve challenges for you, your suppliers and partners. Therefore we invite all professionals who work with hygienic optimization of machines and processes for dialogue and knowledge sharing

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