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Good bearings deserve great houses

Our bearing houses are certified by EHEDG, 3-A and USDA standards as well as IP69K.


The product group consists of five different types of bearing houses fitted with ceramic or standard stainless steel bearings.


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Plug & Play unit for the belting equipment in the food industry

The CIP unit is a simple but efficient solution, where nozzles are mounted on the bar and spray the back and the front of the conveyor belt between production batches.


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Standard castors & hygienically optimized castors

Our castors have self-draining surfaces, sealed movable parts, and no exposed thread. 


NEW: Our new certified hygienic castors are the only patented castors in the world hygienically designed in accordance with EHEDG, 3-A, and USDA design principles securing optimal conditions for cleaning.


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Optimize efficiency with synchronous drum motors

The Momentum drum motor is space-saving, and an integrated component where all technology is protected inside the drum - the synchronous drum motors have a higher motor efficiency and thus less power loss.


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Levelling feet in stainless steel ranging from certified hygienic to plastic fully-treaded levelling feet

Our product range varies from high-end certified hygienic stainless steel levelling feet to plastic levelling feet.


No levelling project is impossible for us!


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Adjustable legs

NGI offers a highly flexible and adjustable support system that easily and effectively can be adapted to your machinery and conveyors.


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NEW! Hygienic line of accessories

Besides standard accessories, we are also able to deliver all necessary hygienic accessories, which ensures a quick and hygienic installation of your hygienic component.


Our bolts and nuts are certified in accordance with 3-A and EHEDG hygienic standards.


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Welcome to our world of products

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Why choose a certified component?

  • Minimize cleaning time
  • Minimize usage of cleaning detergents and water
  • Minimize downtime
  • Enhance food safety
  • Enhance safety in your production environment
  • Make sure you comply with strict hygiene and environmental demands
  • Enhance your competitive performance
  • Contribute to your environmental profile


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What requirements do our components live up to?

  • EHEDG Certification
  • USDA Certification
  • 3-A Certification
  • The EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group) has been supporting hygiene measures during the production and packaging of food since 1989 and is a foundation of food-related organizations.


    The main task of EHEDG is to contribute to hygienic engineering and design in all areas of food production and thus to ensure the safe production of food. The EHEDG certifies hygienic components only if they satisfy theoretical approaches on the one hand and practical tests on the other. The EHEDG certificate is mainly recognized in Europe.

  • A high focus on hygienic design ensures that the bearing house can be cleaned behind and around the shaft and furthermore, NGI offers hygienic spacers to increase the distance to machines and equipment to over an inch as recommended by the USDA.


    Sum up of requirements for the USDA certification:

    - 1 inch  (25mm) minimum space
    - Material food approved
    - Roughness maximum 1.6 Ra we are at 0.8 Ra
    - Radii minimum 3.2 mm

  • 3-A SSI is a US-based, non-profit organization dedicated to improving hygiene design in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The standards set are intended to ensure product quality and thus protect the health of the end user. The principles and certificates are therefore recognized by many countries and food manufacturers.


    For the certification of hygienic parts, the evaluation is based on design features, so that, for example in a pipe, small angles or small radii should be avoided. This is to ensure the protection of consumer goods from contamination, a simple possibility for cleaning surfaces, and easy disassembly for cleaning purposes.

Hygienic and sustainable solutions for the food industry


NGI A/S has been at the forefront of developing hygienic solutions for over 50 years. Our commitment to open dialogue and knowledge sharing between key players in the food and machinery industries has been instrumental in improving hygienic standards.

However, the true value of our products and expertise lies in their ability to address the challenges you, your suppliers, customers, and partners face. We gauge our success by our capacity to empower and inspire our partners to make informed and strategic decisions at every level.

Our hygienically optimized components result from cutting-edge engineering and are backed by comprehensive business insights. The majority of our components are certified in accordance with 3-A, EHEDG, and USDA standards.

We can assist you if you require hygienic or standard components for your food processing equipment. Our extensive range includes levelling feet, castors, accessories, CIP Units, bearing houses, and synchronous oil-free drum motors.

Our synchronous oil-free drum motors offer a valuable solution for food processing companies to elevate their hygiene standards, minimize maintenance expenses, optimize energy efficiency, and maintain precise control over production processes.

We specialize in sectors where food safety is crucial, including bakery, dairy, milk and cheese, meat, poultry and fish, pharmaceuticals, clean rooms, fruits and vegetables, convenience foods, and dry foods such as pasta and rice.

We also provide standard components for packaging and other needs.

Our expertise allows us to understand the unique requirements of each industry and support the food industry's goals of reducing production costs, lowering environmental impact, and enhancing food safety.

Contact us, if you want to engage in discussions about hygiene and food safety! We are eager to share knowledge and help you find the right component for your machinery or equipment!

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