Adjustable legs

NGI offers a highly flexible and adjustable support system which easily and effectively can be adapted to your machinery and conveyors.

Our adjustable support system will help you save engineering hours, optimize your design processes through standardization and minimize your production costs.

Different solutions to different needs

Flexible Support System

  • Adjustable fittings ensure full flexibility – also after installation

Customized Support System

  • ​Design your own customized top fittings
  • The top fittings connect the support system to the machine
  • NGI can produce your customized top fittings

Support System

  • Support system supplied without top fittings or adjustable brackets
  • Make your own modifications to the support system
  • Produce and mount your own accessories

Support Legs

The top of the support leg is sealed with either:

  • Welding plate
  • Rounded top seal
  • Customized top fitting

Download our adjustable
legs brochure

Get an overview of what NGI can offer you- whether it is a u-profile support system, combined single support system or a customized support system. 

The brochure provides an overview of the different systems we are able to offer. We provide full flexibility and you are able to customize your design - all customized heights and widths are available and weight load capacity is up to 10.000 N per leg.

Download brochure

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Enhance the Performance of Your Equipment with High-Quality Conveyor Legs

Selecting the appropriate support structure is essential for optimizing the efficiency and lifespan of your machinery. Our extensive range of conveyor legs provides unparalleled stability and customization options to meet the requirements of any industrial setting.

We offer U-formed and L-formed legs in a wide range of sizes, from 200 mm to 4000 mm. This variety ensures that you can find the perfect fit for any application, providing robust support for your conveyor systems, tables, and other machinery.

Our conveyor legs are equipped with customized top fittings that are skillfully welded onto U-profile legs. This customization allows you to design your top fittings, ensuring a seamless connection between the legs and your machine. NGI can manufacture unique top fittings according to your specifications, including options like welding plate tops, where the top of the legs is sealed with welding plates. You can also choose the thread diameter of the welding plates to connect to your machine using bolts or pointed screws.

Our product range includes combined single legs with castors and cable trays, U-profile legs with flexible brackets, and single legs with welded round crossbars. These combinations offer improved mobility and flexibility, making it easier to move and reconfigure your machinery as required. For applications that demand more stable configurations, our combined single legs with welded round crossbars and customized fittings provide superior stability and durability.

We provide various top-sealing options to safeguard the integrity of your conveyor legs. The welding plate top seal ensures a secure closure at the top of the legs, preventing debris and contaminants from entering. Additionally, our rounded top seal option offers a smooth, closed finish that not only enhances the aesthetics but also maintains the integrity of the legs.

If you have any questions regarding our adjustable conveyor legs, please contact us. With our streamlined production process, we guarantee fast turnaround times, and our prices are extremely competitive.