Behind Clean Lines: Episode 7

New episode: Why Change What Works?

Behind Clean Lines is your go-to podcast for insights into hygienic manufacturing, innovation, and design. You'll find expert knowledge on the design process, the strategic drivers, and the mindset it takes to push innovation in manufacturing for food and beverage industries forward.

We're excited to bring you our latest episode of Behind Clean Lines: "Why Change What Works?"

In this insightful installment, our host Mikkel Svold dives into a dilemma faced by businesses worldwide: the challenge of knowing when and why they should fix something that isn't broken.

Joining Mikkel in this endeavor is Philip Skall Hansen, Chief Production Officer at NGI, offering a unique perspective on this crucial topic.

Episode Highlights: 

  • NGI's Optimization Philosophy: Discover the core principles guiding NGI's approach to production optimization.

  • Strategies for Success: Learn about the strategies, both small adjustments and significant changes, that businesses can implement in their production processes.

  • Balancing Automation and Quality: Explore the delicate balance between automation, product quality, and the workforce.

  • Challenges and Dilemmas: Understand the challenges companies face when deciding to change operational processes that already work seamlessly.

To dive into these topics and more, click below to listen - Behind Clean lines - episode 7