View the complete Speakers Corner presentation at Anuga FoodTec 2024

Watch the presentation about "competitiveness in hygienic manufacturing" below

On Thursday, March 21st, our CCO, Niels Vindsmark, delivered a presentation at the Speakers Corner during Anuga FoodTec. The focus of his talk was on enhancing competitiveness within the hygienic manufacturing industry.

Check out a brief preview of the presentation and access the complete video below:

The hygienic manufacturing sector, integral to food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, is growing through a focus on hygienic design. This trend enhances food safety and optimizes resource use in cleaning processes, underscoring the importance of preventing contamination and improving efficiency

For both machine builders and food producing companies (users of the machines), it's crucial to stay ahead of trends like hygienic design. Embracing these trends is key to competitive advantage, ensuring efficient, safe, and sustainable production.

OEMs have been discussing the concept of hygienic design for a considerable amount of time. With the growing emphasis on hygiene in the F&B industry, regulations and legislation have made it a crucial aspect.

Mere contemplation or discussion is no longer sufficient; taking action is imperative. To gain further insights, we recommend watching the complete Speakers Corner presentation by CCO Niels Vindsmark at Anuga FoodTec.