Behind Clean Lines: Episode 8

New episode: Future-Proofing Businesses in the Food, Bio and Pharma Industries

Behind Clean Lines is your go-to podcast for insights into hygienic manufacturing, innovation, and design. You'll find expert knowledge on the design process, the strategic drivers, and the mindset it takes to push innovation in manufacturing for food and beverage industries forward.

We're excited to bring you our latest episode of Behind Clean Lines: "Future-Proofing Businesses in the Food, Bio, and Pharma Industries".

In this episode, we dive into the critical topic of hygienic design in food processing industries with offset in DriveTech.

Join host Mikkel Svold and special guest Theis Philip Jensen, President of DriveTech, as they explore the vital role of safety, efficiency, and innovation in hygienic solutions.

Discover the latest insights that are shaping the industry and learn how businesses are gaining a competitive edge through hygienic design practices.

Key Highlights: 

  • How hygienic design ensures safety and efficiency in food processing

  • DriveTech's innovative strategies in hygienic solutions

  • Global significance of hygienic design across various regions

  • Challenges and opportunities in implementing hygienic solutions.


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