Future-Proofing Businesses in the Food, Bio and Pharma Industries

Join host Mikkel Svold and special guest Theis Philip Jensen, President of DriveTech, as they explore the vital role of safety, efficiency, and innovation in hygienic solutions.

Discover the latest insights that are shaping the industry and learn how businesses are gaining a competitive edge through hygienic design practices.

”Investing in hygienic design is a necessity not a choice! Hygienic design spawn food safety, quality, and customer satisfaction."

Theis Philip JensenPresident of DriveTech at NGI

In this episode of Behind Clean Lines, host Mikkel Svold and guest Theis Philip Jensen, President of DriveTech, explore the critical topic of hygienic design in the context of food processing.

We dive into the importance of hygienic solutions for safety and efficiency, particularly in the face of evolving customer needs and regulatory demands.

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Full Episode Transcription

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