NGI received the "Prize for Potential 2024"

We are honoured to share that NGI has received the Prize for Potential 2024. 

Business Consultant Torben Krogsgaard from Job Center Aalborg works closely with NGI and nominated us for the award. 

"They find tasks that each person is good at and take the time to make each person a part of the community. They give them a uniform so they're just like everyone else. They embrace them and give them a positive experience of working life. 

NGI takes a social responsibility to help people who have struggled to find a foothold in the labour market. Our CPO, Philip Skall Hansen, is very honoured by the award and says:

"We really appreciate the honour of receiving the 'Award for Potential'. We have been working with the Job Center for several years now and it has created a good little unit in our production, where we can take care of many different things. We create time and space to accomodate everyone"

Henrik Villum Andersen is employed as a team leader at NGI and helps create an inclusive environment every day:

"We make room for diversity and are very keen to have an open management that is not far from the employees to the management. Everyone is more or less equal and can talk to everyone. We see everyone as equal"

 At the award ceremony, NGI was described with the following words:

  • Caring and attentive leadership
  • Inclusive
  • Multicultural

These are all values that help people with challenges to connect to the labor market. 

Phlilip Skall Hansen encourages other companies to recognise the potential:

"Jump in and try it. Always start by breaking down your work tasks and take it from there. All companies can accomodate people with challenges, as long as you can familirise yourself with the tasks that suits them."