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Ecolab was brought in to find the cause of a serious listeria outbreak

A specialist from Ecolab visited the plant and found several points for improvement. Some of these were related to machine design.

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”Being part of BOPP will allow us to offer our customers hygienic design advise about how to solve specific issues in their production regarding hygienic design and of course correctly combined with Ecolab cleaning procedures."

Michael StavadEuropean Application Specialist Food, Ecolab

The Challenge

One of Ecolab’s customers suffered a serious listeria outbreak at a European factory. They brought in Ecolab in order to find the problem and point to a possible solution.

The Solution

A specialist from Ecolab visited the plant, and he found several points for improvement. Some of these were related to machine design. Numerous machines were for example not built with hygienically optimized components. Due to Ecolab’s participation in BOPP – NGI’s Brand Owner Partnership Programme – the specialist was able to not only identify the problem but to point to a solution as well. And the machines were retrofitted with hygienic and easy-to-clean certified leveling feet from NGI.

The Effect

Ecolab’s customer was offered a fast and effective solution to their problem, and afterward the customer has asked machine builders to contact NGI to make sure that machines are supplied with NGI’s certified components in the future. NGI is thus brought in as a preferred supplier of certified feet as well as an external expert on hygienic design.

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