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Good bearings deserve great houses

Our bearing houses are certified by EHEDG, 3-A and USDA standards. At the same time, our bearing houses are IP69K-classified. The product group consists of five different types of bearing houses fitted with ceramic or standard stainless steel bearings.

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Please note that all our bearing houses can be supplied as an anti-static model. The anti-static models are marked as -EC at the end of the product name.


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Our certified hygienic bearing houses are designed to meet the strictest standards of cleanliness and durability.

Certified Hygienic bearing houses - a summary of groups and features

Our top-quality hygienic bearing houses are certified and designed to meet the strictest standards of cleanliness and durability. They are ideal for industries such as food processing where hygiene is of utmost importance. 


  • Material and Sizes: Our bearing houses come with 2 types of fastening, locking collars and screws. In addition, they are available with either steel or ceramic balls. They are available in sizes from 20-40 mm and 3/4”-1 1/2”.


  • Construction Details: Our bearing houses are constructed of sturdy grilamid with co-moulded FDA-approved TPS seals. Their solid construction guarantees long-lasting performance and reliability, making them a cost-efficient option for ensuring optimal equipment functionality.


  • Ease of Installation: The mounting pattern is identical to the existing bearing houses on the market and a replacement is therefore easy while achieving a more hygienic solution on your equipment.

Expand the following paragraph to discover a precise overview of each of our product categories along with direct access to them.

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  • Certified to EHEDG, 3-A, and USDA standards
  • Minimized cleaning time
  • Minimized water usage
  • The only 3-A, EHEDG, USDA, and IP69K certified bearing house in the world.

    Our hygienic components are specifically designed to block out dirt and bacteria and enhance food safety. To ensure an EHEDG, 3-A and USDA solution, our bolts and nuts are required for mounting. Furthermore, the USDA certification also requires the use of spacers.

  • Minimize the time spent on maintenance. Our components have a longer lifetime and are designed to minimize time spent on maintenance and cleaning

  • Closed bearing houses, optimized the NGI-way, are the optimal solution. Not only do they reduce the risk of contamination hazards, they minimize the use of water and cleaning detergents.

Great houses are hygienic

Reduce operating and maintenance costs

If you fit your bearing houses with ceramic bearings it enables you to extend the lifetime by 4-8 times, reducing downtime and energy-loss. You save as much as 60% on bearing related costs.

Hygienic Design

This is the only bearing house in the world certified by USDA, EHEDG and 3-A design principles and ensures easy access for cleaning from all angles.

Plug & Play

The bearing houses are easy to install and it's easy to change the bearings - the extended lifetime of the solution means that you'll use far less time on this.

Enhanced Food Safety

When you reduce dirt and bacteria you increase food safety. It's as simple as that.

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Bearing House features

  • Easy access for cleaning from all angles
  • Flexible mounting - can accommodate initial misalignment
  • Can be supplied with hygienic bolts and nuts as standard. More sizes available upon request.
  • Can accommodate temperatures -20ºC to +110°C depending on insert bearing
  • Unique patented seal system, waterproof at more than 3° misalignment
  • Produced in sturdy grilamid with co-moulded FDA-approved TPU seals
  • Fitted with stainless steel bearing or ceramic bearing.
  • Tested and conforms to ISO9628_2006 & ISO3228_2013
  • The housing is able to withstand the same dynamic and static radial load as insert bearings
  • Suitable for heavier or alternating axial load depending on the way it is locked onto the shaft
  • For further information on load capacities look at bearing data sheet or contact NGI

This is not a product!It is innovative thinking

Striving for excellence

Based on an in-depth understanding of our customers and their challenges, we carefully design our products, always striving for the highest level of excellence.

The difference is in the detail

Every detail is meticulously designed and it all comes together to form a high-quality product with an increased lifetime, hygienically designed to reduce downtime and minimize the usage of water and cleaning detergents.

The chain is as strong as the weakest link

Hygienic Design is not just a matter of choosing certified hygienic components, although it can of course help to raise the general level of hygiene in your production.

The chain never gets stronger than the weakest link. Therefore, your entire production environment and your production line must be assessed!

The hygienic design contributes to reducing the emission of water and detergents in the cleaning process thus reducing the environmental impact

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Sustainability - the NGI Way

Besides economic savings, the lubrication-free bearings also reduce the emission of grease spreading from the bearing to both wastewater and to other parts of the production environment.

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Custom and standard bearing housing solutions

NGI offers a wide assortment of bearing units that fit into most industrial and production setups. Our bearing housings are made in high quality materials, creating a reliable product that requires zero maintenance or lubrication through its lifetime.

The insert bearings are mounted securely in the housing, protecting it from damage and contaminants. This makes our bearing housings suitable for most environments, especially when high hygienic standards are a requirement. This is especially useful for the food or pharmaceutical industries, but any production environment requiring high hygienic standards can benefit from our bearing housings.

Are you looking for heavy-duty bearing housings? Our bearing housings have been designed with durability and strength in mind. The entire unit can withstand temperatures from -20ºC (-4 degrees Fahrenheit) to +110°C (230 degrees Fahrenheit). Moreover, the bearing unit is built to last, and we have rigorously tested our bearing units, so that they can easily withstand the pressures and forces during its operation in your specific setup.

Save time with hygienic and flexible bearing housings

Our bearing housings feature clean surfaces that are easily cleaned, allowing for quick and easy sanitization of your production environment. The smart and sleek design of our bearing housings will save you a lot of time and money, as the cleaning process will not only be faster, but will also require less water.

Our bearing housings are IP69K certified, meaning they are built to resist ingress of high-temperature steam or high-pressure water, allowing for easy cleaning and sanitization of surfaces.

It is often believed that open bearing housings are easier to clean. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as an open bearing housing allows for dirt, oils, and other contaminants to enter the housing.

These contaminants are stuck in the inner structures of the housing unit, making them difficult to clean properly. Moreover, the contaminants might damage the ball bearings our damage the grease that is essential for smooth operation of the unit.

With NGI bearing housings, the entire unit is designed to withstand dust, liquids, and all other contaminants. This means, that you will only need to clean the outer surface of our bearing housings, the shape of which has been designed to improve accessibility and allow for easy and unrestricted cleaning. The final product is a bearing house that lasts a long time, does not require maintenance, and which can take your hygienic standards to the next level.

Avoid fretting corrosion: Lubricate during mounting of bearing houses

Fretting can occur between the shaft and the inner ring for stainless bearings especially when they are mounted dry (without lubricant in between).

A high-viscosity lubricating paste is the most important thing. Other things that increase the risk of fretting are a loose fit and not properly tightened set screws, misaligned bearings, and internal forces from poor mounting.

When the bearing and shaft are mounted without lubrication, there is an increased risk of fretting*. This results in dust causing damage to the spherical seal and the seal of the bearing and ultimately causing the bearing to break down. Any lubrication can be used, but we recommend the following: SKF Anti-Fretting Agent LGAF 3E. The LGAF 3E anti-fretting agent from SKF has been designed to prevent fretting corrosion caused by slight oscillations and vibrations.

Bearings are easier to dismount after applying the smooth paste made from a mineral and synthetic base oil type. The anti-fretting agent also assists with the removal of general components such as, nuts, bolts, flanges, studs.

Download instructions with illustrative photos

*Fretting corrosion
Fretting corrosion is movements between two metal surfaces. In this way, metal particles are worn free and oxidize immediately. Oxidized iron particles can destroy shape tolerances on the shaft or housing, which can lead to serious damage to the bearing.
To ensure that the bearing assembly is carried out optimally in the first instance, NGI recommends that before assembly you must be very careful with cleaning the shaft, avoid dirt on the bearing itself and to use an assembly paste between the shaft and the bearing.

Achieve success with NGI Hygienic Components

Choosing NGI Hygienic Components as your supplier for your bearing housings has many advantages. We are customer-focused and aim to deliver impeccable solutions and consulting for all our customers. We want to understand your specific challenges and needs, so that we may help you address these challenges and achieve perfection in your industry.

NGI is a global market leader in hygienic solutions, but this is only part of what we do. We offer bearing housings at competitive prices, and we strive to tailor a solution for your business, that fits your budget and production needs.

We have extensive knowledge within most industries, and we use this knowledge to consult you to make the right purchasing decisions, when you are looking to invest in bearing housings. Moreover, we offer worldwide delivery, and we can process orders quickly in case you need your bearing housings as fast as possible.

Please contact our sales representatives to learn more about your options. If you want to know more about load capacities and features, you will find data sheets for all our products on this website.