Tank Support Bolts

The only hygienic tank support bolt in the world with sealing between welding connector and spindle.

Sealed movable parts and no exposed thread reduces cleaning and increases sanitary safety.

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Thread size
Nom. load
  • 30000
Footplate diameter
Height total
  • 120
Min. adjustment
  • 32
Max. adjustment
  • 62
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Our tank support bolts are crafted from high-quality materials, designed to provide robust support | NGI

Tank Support Bolts and Weld Mounts - Overview of Groups and Features

We offer a range of tank support bolts and weld mounts designed to provide robust support and ensure hygienic standards across various production environments. Each product is tailored to minimize cleaning effort and enhance stability, making them ideal for demanding applications.


  • Material and Sizes: Our tank support bolts are crafted from high-quality materials, with models featuring a fixed blue sealing ring detectable by scanning systems. The weld mounts, also known as adjustable ball feet or bullet feet, are available in various sizes and can be customized to accommodate different pipe dimensions.


  • Construction Details: All tank support bolts and weld mounts are made from high-grade stainless steel either AISI 304 or AISI 316, providing exceptional corrosion resistance and longevity. The hygienic versions feature a sleeve to optimize for easy cleaning and reduce contamination risks. These components are designed to handle significant weight loads and floor inclines, ensuring stability and safety.


  • Ease of Installation: Designed for straightforward installation and easy adjustment, our tank support bolts and weld mounts ensure a smooth setup process. The support bolts can handle inclines of up to 20°, and the weld mounts can be adjusted internally for optimal fit and stability.

Expand the following paragraph to discover a precise overview of each of our product categories along with direct access to them.

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Why choose a tank support bolt from NGI?

Hygienic Oriented Design

Solid, hygienic-oriented design with no exposed thread. They are the only tank support bolts with a sealing between welding connector and spindle. 

Requires limited cleaning

Requires limited cleaning effort reducing the usage of water and cleaning detergents and increasing sanitary safety. 

Increased food safety

The hygienic design of the support bolts with fixed, blue sealing rings increases the level of food safety

For heavy machinery

The support bolts are designed for extremely heavy machinery, equipment, tanks and vessels and are available with anti-vibration, anti-slip rubber underneath the footplate.

Tank Support Bolts

  • Designed for high load capacity
  • Solid hygienic-oriented design with no exposed thread and limited cleaning effort
  • Sealed welding connector with BSPP pipe thread
  • Customized welding connectors available
  • Optional counter nut available
  • Optional anti-vibration, anti-slip rubber underneath the footplate
  • Stainless steel AISI 304/A2, 1.4301. Optional AISI 316/A4, 1.4401

In this product category, you can also find our BTX weld mounts!

The utilization of weld mounts in food processing equipment brings about several advantages such as enhanced hygiene, stability, space efficiency, regulatory compliance, and ease of maintenance.

Weld mounts, also referred to as adjustable ball feet or bullet feet, create a smooth surface that eradicates any gaps or crevices where food particles or bacteria could accumulate, thereby ensuring a higher standard of cleanliness. This is especially crucial in food processing settings where upholding hygiene standards is paramount.

Consequently, weld mounts are favored in a multitude of applications across the food processing sector. Find our weld mounts in the product group BTX!

Advantages of Hygienic Weld Mounts:

  • Compact design
  • Hygienic 3-A and USDA design
  • Weld-mount style easily welds to tube or pipe
  • Manufactured using 304 stainless steel
  • Sealed with O-ring elastomers
  • No exposed threads
  • Space-efficient adjustable ball feet
  • Secure attachment method
  • Easy maintenance 

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(Declarations always adhere to the latest RoHS and REACH)

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