Compressed Air System

Sustainability Initiatives

NGI has reviewed the complete compressed air system in April 2022 to lower leaks that appear in the system. The result of this study leads NGI to reduce the annual energy consumption with approx. 70.000 kWh.

Based on key figures from the 2021 energy report and the 2021 compressed air report the improvements will result in an annual saving of 9,8 tons of Co2.

The improvements are all fully integrated as of June 2022.

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Before & After - Co2 emission
  Before After
Annual Energy Consumption (mWh) 188 118
Annual Co2 Emissions (tons) 26 16


Do you have any questions about our efforts toward a sustainable future?

At NGI we have always taken CSR seriously. We have done this - and are doing this - because we simply believe that accountability and responsibility are keywords behind every well-functioning company. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions regarding sustainability at NGI!

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