NGI awarded the Prize for Potential 2024

Sustainability Initiatives

NGI takes a social responsibility to help people who have struggled to find a foothold in the labor market. In 2024, we proudly received the award "Prize for Potential" for recognizing the potential in each individual at NGI. 

Torben Krogsgaard, Business Consultant at the Job Center in Aalborg nominated NGI for the award and says:

"They find tasks that each person is good at and take the time to make each person a part of the community. They give them a uniform and they're just like everyone else. They embrace them and give them a positive experience of working life" 

At the award ceremony, NGI was described with the following words:

  • Caring and attentive leadership
  • Inclusive
  • Multicultural

We encourage other companies to recognize the potential. Our CPO states:

"Jump in and try it. Always start by breaking down your work tasks and take it from there. All companies can accomodate people with challenges as long as you familiarize yourself with the tasks that suits them."

Supporting the SDG "decent work and economic growth"

We work towards promoting a sustained, sustainable economic growth with job creation and decent work for all. 

  • We are driving actions to ensure a diverse workforce
  • We promote learning and development
  • We create jobs for people on the edge of the labour market
  • We monitor the satisfaction of our employees
  • We have an AMO programme to keep employees safe and motivated
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Do you have any questions about our efforts toward a sustainable future?

At NGI we have always taken CSR seriously. We have done this - and are doing this - because we simply believe that accountability and responsibility are keywords behind every well-functioning company. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions regarding sustainability at NGI!

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