”The pandemic has underscored the need to invest in equipment, automation, and digitalization in the food industry. ​ Labor-intensive processes left facilities vulnerable during COVID, with costly shutdowns due to outbreaks. ​ To ensure resilience, it's crucial to rely on both machines and human expertise. The future demands this balance."

Niels VindsmarkCCO at NGI

In this episode of Behind Clean Lines, host Mikkel Svold delves into the rapidly evolving landscape of the food sector and explores the challenges and trends shaping the industry.

Joined by Niels Vindsmark Chief Commercial Officer at NGI, they discuss the imperative of future-proofing operations in the food and hygiene industries.

The conversation explores topics such as transparency, shifting consumer behaviors, technological advancements, and the critical role of data in ensuring hygienic production.

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Full Episode Transcription

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